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Every home in Scotland must have interlinked fire (smoke and heat) alarms by February 2022.

Being interlinked means if one alarm goes off, they all go off. You may not always hear the alarm closest to the fire, especially if you’re somewhere else in the house. An interlinked system will alert you immediately.

If you are a homeowner, it's your responsibility to make sure your home meets the new fire alarms standard.

By February 2022 every home in Scotland will need to have:

  • One smoke alarm in the room you spend most of the day, usually your living room
  • One smoke alarm in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings
  • One heat alarm in the kitchen
  • All smoke and heat alarms should be mounted on the ceiling and be interlinked.
Graphic of house showing the link between house alarms in each room
  • Smoke alarms in every circulation space on each storey, such as hallways and landings
  • Smoke alarms installed in the room most frequently used for general daytime living purposes
  • Heat alarms installed in every kitchen
  • All smoke and heat alarms should be interlinked
  • Carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted where there is a fuel burning appliance or a flue
  • This applies to ALL homeowners and landlords

Scottish Legislation Change 2022

is here to help

Ensuring your home meets the new fire safety standards can be daunting and GasSure are here to help. We can survey your property and provide a compliant design and competitive quote to install your interlinked alarms.

Loyalty incentives are available for all existing GasSure Home Plan customers.

We can provide a monitored interlinked home fire alarm system using an AICO Ei1000G smartLINK Gateway which provides updates, notifications and alert direct to mobile devices.

Your home insurance may be affected if your property does not meet the new fire safety standards. Different home insurance policies will have different terms and conditions which a homeowner must comply with in order for their home insurance to be valid. If you are not sure how the new fire and smoke alarm requirements affect your policy, get in touch with your insurer to find out.

We can responsibility dispose of your old non-compliant alarms.

If you have a carbon-fuelled appliance, like a boiler, fire, heater or flue you must also have a carbon monoxide detector. This does not need to be linked to the fire alarms.

GasSure are AICO Expert Installers and have been installing interlinked alarms for many years. Our approved electricians are fully qualified in all aspects of electrical installation work. We can install a fully compliant interlinked fire safety system using mains and 10-year lithium battery detectors. In doing so, we can get your home up and running with the absolute minimum of inconvenience.

The new AICO SmartLINK technology still provides the same proven wireless interconnection technology as RadioLINK and RadioLINK+, using Radio Frequency signals and is completely compatible with both existing systems.

SmartLINK Gateway Overview

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