GasSure FAQs

GasSure FAQs

What can the boiler scheme include?

The maintenance plan covers your natural gas fired central heating system including the boiler, gas fires, radiators, controls, pipes and hot water cylinder. You can read more information on our GasSure Maintenance Packages here.

How much does central heating cover cost?

The plan costs £7.99 per month for GasSure Bronze, £17.99 per month for GasSure Silver and £22.49 per month for GasSure Gold.

How can I apply?

You can apply for central heating cover online or by phone to 01294 468113.

How can I pay the premium?

You can pay for your cover by monthly direct debit.

Will the premium vary depending on the type and age of my system?

No, the premiums are dependent on the package you selected (plus fires if applicable)

When does the agreement begin?

As soon as your system passes an inspection.

Are your engineers fully qualified?

Yes, all our engineers are Gas Safe registered.

What if the engineer finds a problem with the central heating system during the initial inspection?

The engineer will tell you what is wrong and we will give you a written quotation to fix the problem.

What do I do if my boiler breaks down, my pipes burst or my radiator leaks?

When you are a GasSure customer our call centre will take your call any time any day and arrange for a central heating engineer to repair the fault.

How long will it take for an engineer to come and fix the problems?

We try to respond to the call the same day it is reported and within 6 hours for emergency repairs.

Is there any limit on callouts, equipment and labour to fix the problems?

No. There are no limits.

What do I do if I smell gas?
  1. Open all windows and doors to allow the gas to escape.
  2. Check to see if the gas has been left on, or if a pilot light has gone out. If this is the case, switch the appliance off. If not, there could be a gas escape.
  3. Turn the main gas tap to the off position. The supply is off when the ridged line on the spindle is across the pipe.
  4. Phone SGN’s emergency line: 0800 111 999.
  5. It’s recommended that you do not use a mobile phone in the vicinity of a suspected gas leak.
How long does the agreement last?

The agreement lasts for a minimum period of 12 months and will automatically renew for subsequent periods of twelve months until either party cancels the agreement.

Can I cancel the agreement?

Yes, you can notify us in writing that you wish to cancel – terms and conditions apply.

How do I thaw and prevent frozen condensate pipes?